Work The Press



     Three days after James and Ellen White returned to Rochester, 21-year-old John Loughborough was at the Sabbath meeting at the home on 124 Mount Hope Avenue. Oswald Stowell, who operated the hand press, was severely ill with pleurisy and had been given up by his physician to die. On that Sabbath morning he was in an adjoining room in bed. At the close of the service he requested that special prayer be offered for his healing. Loughborough with some others was invited to gather about his bed for the solemn service.




Loughborough wrote of the experience:

        We bowed by his bedside, and while prayers were being     offered, Elder White anointed him with oil "in the name of the      Lord." There was a sensible presence of the Spirit of God, and he was instantly healed. When we arose from prayer he was sitting up in bed, striking his sides, which before had been so painful, and saying, "I am fully healed. I shall be able to work the hand press tomorrow." Two days after this, he did work it.

The Early Years Volume 1 - 1827-1862  P 237