Falling From



     The Horse


Dear Sweethearts

This is a story about horses, and about a particular horse that was Mommy's favorite.  You may or may not remember this event that took place in California in 1970 a few months before Twyna was born, but we want to share it with you and others in the hope that it will be a means of encouragement to others of the love and healing power of Jesus !

In the summer of 1970 we left College Heights, Alberta where we had been students for a few years, to spend some time in California and continue our "education" at La Sierra College. Rick was about one year old. We went to Chino to stay with Grandma & Grandpa Dalrymple.

One day in December, when it was about 70 degrees F., and I was digging a trench for a new septic system, Mommy & Uncle Arthur were giving some attention to their horse called "Lady" who seldom received any.  She was not often ridden so was a little wild and shy of anyone who wanted to mount her! 

They came and asked me to come and ride her, after all I grew up with horses had ridden often so why not. 

We went out to the back "pasture" where Lady was waiting with Uncle John for me to mount. There was no saddle and so I had to grab her mane and throw my self over her neck and then maneuver to a sitting position.  Well, Lady did not like the idea at all and she lunged forward dumping me in a heap on the ground.  As I fell, my one leg was twisted badly but at first I felt no real pain. That ended the riding session and I went back to my work. A short time later the pain began to set in and became almost unbearable.  My Dear Sweetheart did what she could with some hydrotherapy, but it was not helping. In desperation for relief I laid back on the little couch and prayed, "O' God, please take away the pain, I can not bear it"! Please Jesus, please take away the pain"! 

Suddenly, I felt a flow down my leg like that of an electric current.

Those who have experienced minor electrical shocks will know how that feels. Immediately the pain was less and I cried, "O' Thank You Jesus, Thank Jesus, Thank You"! Instantly I felt another flow of Divine healing power and I continued to thank and praise Jesus for His mercy. Then again came another surge and the pain was gone !  Praise God, Praise God.  I got up from the couch and went back to work with no pain remaining! 

What a wonderful God we have ! He is "just the same today" as He has always been, loving, kind, merciful, and true.  He hears every cry of help and works 24 hours a day for His faithful people!  He "neither slumbers nor sleeps" but is watching over us and sends His angels to minister to our every need! 

There is a "sequel" to this blessing that I must share. For years after I never felt any pain or discomfort in that injured leg, but then one day it began to bother me and became so uncomfortable that I could not keep my right foot on the gas pedal of my car but had to use my left!  God was reminding me of the blessing bestowed 20 years before!  That "reminder" continued for several weeks then, all was well again and it has been several years since and the pain has not returned and I get a lot of walking exercise in my daily work!  Praise God! 

Not always has God worked in this way in my life experience. Twice, I have broken my ribs and suffered the pain the whole three weeks before relief came from the natural course of healing!  Through bad eating habits as a young person, when I was eating "junk food", pop, ice-cream, chocolate bars, etc; I brought my teeth into decay and have suffered much with tooth-aches. Thank God by His holy Spirit I have totally discarded such items! I now find great satisfaction in natural foods such as raisons, dates, figs and many nuts and fruits!  Praise God for the Message of Health that He has given the Advent People!

Sometimes, we pray and pray for healing for ourselves or family and God does not answer so quickly, why?  Because, He knows what each one of His Children need to perfect their character, increase their faith and will bring them at last into the "perfect image" of their Master and fit them for their heavenly home!  Be of good courage Dear Children, for the "signs of the times" declare with trumpet tones, that Christ is about to "roll back the clouds" and come for His Faithful, "Little Flock"!


Mother & Daddy